Bed Bug Encasement Test

Test Results

We’re going to change the way you design hotel rooms.

Actually, the way you put them together.

With 40 years of serving leading hospitality clients, Universal Bedlegs are being installed in every level of property in the marketplace. By cutting the hours typically spent on bedframe handling & assembly, our bedleg system adds up to substantial savings. Just think of the time and manpower it takes to haul hundreds of metal bedframes to upper floors, assemble them and dispose of all the packaging. With our indestructible polymer bedlegs, your crew is now one person with a power drill. Small enough for simple installation and strong enough to support the most demanding weight loads, our bedlegs are the answer for every quality hotel.

Say Goodbye to:

  • Oversized, awkward metal frames
  • Multi-person handling and assembly
  • Rotating only mattresses
  • Torn bed linens
  • Excessive cardboard waste
  • Broken casters and rust
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